What is RAW Strength and Conditioning?

RAW Strength and Conditioning is a strength and conditioning program designed to optimise health, wellness and longevity, AND prepare you to excel in your chosen sport, more commonly the sport of fitness. Some of our current clients excel in strongman, CF, powerlifting, basketball, surfing and MMA.

RAW Strength and Conditioning is located at CrossFit Norwest, however you can access our online programs to train anywhere - The general RAW online subscription option focuses on CF training and periodized around the CF season, open regionals and beyond. The individual programs are tailored for each athletes needs based on the attributes required to excel in that individuals sport based on their current strengths and weaknesses.

The RAW program, when followed at the prescribed weight/load, time frames and order, will maximise an individual's ability to compete in strength and power sports and endurance sports, namely CF. When followed to the letter, athletes will develop strength, power, speed, agility and fitness which is unmatched by ANY other program of its kind. There is with out a doubt no other training program available that will prepare you for ANYTHING the way RAW Strength and Conditioning can.





1. Get in contact: Email us!

2. Organise a time to chat and talk about your training goals.

3.The RAW program is not for everyone, we are looking for serious members with specific competitive goals - regardless of sport. We are NOT looking for superstars, rather those with a STRONG work ethic and commitment to training.

4. Once you have subscribed to the daily workouts, you will be sent an  Introductory email. Before commencing the RAW Strength and Conditioning Online Correspondence Program you MUST complete a RAW Waiver. You will not gain access to the workouts until the RAW Waiver is received either via email or post.



First of all … there are NO CONTRACTS, if you ever decide to stop online training with RAW Strength and Conditioning simply contact your bank or stop your PayPal payments, you are not locked in for life! You are required, as a RAW athlete to post comments, give feedback, contact our coach, send in videos for analysis, ask questions about diet and performance. This is NOT a system that you sign up for an pay for a program. We want to help you succeed. You are paying for a service. We encourage you to use our knowledge not just read an online program

Online program: Subscription options

$88 a month

$400 for 6 months

$700 a year

*Includes points mentioned above. This is not JUST an online program. You have access via, phone, text, skype, email, coaches eye to our coach with almost immediate response. (with in reason) Use the coach don't follow the program blind



For more info on our online programs, please visit the following section.