Cardio Bodybuilding

Program Information

  • A program designed to BUILD MUSCLE, STRIP FAT, make you FIT and STRONG
  • Simple, non technical movements coupled with HIGH intensity conditioning pieces designed to get you ripped and have functional strength
  • Blends body building and accessory movements in circuits with and without cardio equipment to increase the intensity of each and every session
  • 4-5 sessions a week

US$5 per week


Equipment Frequently used

  • Barbell
  • DB’s
  • Kettlebells
  • Deadballs
  • Pull up rig
  • Rower (and or AD, ski erg, bike erg)

Optional but not essential equipment

  • Prowler/sled
  • AD
  • Ski erg
  • Bike erg

If athletes do not have access to the equipment listed for a particular WOD our Facebook group is available to ask for substitute movements OR you can contact a RAW coach directly via email.