The 2020 CrossFit Open release is just over one week away and the coaches at Raw Strength and Conditioning would like to remind people about a few do’s and don’ts this Open season.


You exercise to be fit, challenge and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget that when CrossFit Open workout 20.1 is released and you think about working yourself up into a panic.

2) DON’T Stop your regular training

Many people put their life and fitness journey on hold during the Open to focus souly on the competition. It is not uncommon for athletes to be weaker and generally more unfit during the CrossFit Open because they repeat workouts, need to recovery between workouts and want to save themselves for the next release. It is fine to do all these things BUT remember still get in some fitness NOT related to the Open, do some movements to balance out all the repetition you will likely be doing and always make time to lift something heavy.

3) DO workouts a second time

It is not a sin to redo an Open workout. Many people do, and rightly so when there are personal goals and Sanctionals/Games positions at stake, however if you do PLEASE redo it with a different strategy. Don’t make the same mistake twice, learn from your previous attempt and film your workout (point 9). If you don’t have a new approach, there is little point going again.

4) DON’T redo workouts multiple times (I know above I said DO)

Dr’s, Physios and Chiros love the Open; More sore backs, elbow tendonitis and shoulder injuries. Please do some maths this Open season. If you are doing a workout like 19.5 that had 105 pull-ups and 105 thrusters, repeat that and that is 210 movements of each performed with only a day break. What I am saying is be smart with your redos.

5) DON’T think your Mat Fraser or Tia Toomey

Be realistic about your ability level and don’t put false expectations on yourself. Set some realistic personal goals, and push as hard as you can each attempt but be satisfied with your efforts, even if you aren’t top 10 in the World.

6) DO Support others

Often this time of year brings out the “frienemies.” Friends for 47 weeks of the year and then for 5 weeks of the year you publically support and encourage your friends whilst secretly hoping they blow their workout and fail. Focus on doing the best and support those around you, they in turn will do the same for you.

7) DO get your scores in early.

Don’t wait till the last minute to put your scores in because your “leaderboarding” and don’t want your competitors to see your score. If the website crashes (highly probable seeing CrossFit has sacked most of their staff) it’s best to have a score safely in. Getting your scores in early also places less stress on the affiliate owner who has to vailidate the scores

8) DON’T say “one and done” and then repeat the workout another one or two times.

Many people like to claim “one and done.” The reality is that many people will redo the WOD, as the CrossFit Open is used for a few qualifiers. Please refer to point 4) however if you do repeat it. Don’t say you didn’t. That’s not cool and it is OK to want to do your best.

9) DO video your workouts

No one likes a cheat. Video your workout not only as proof that you beat Tia and Mat but also to look back on, see what you could have done better, changed and will or won’t do in the future

10) DON’T put your video with shitty movement standards on social media.

Let’s have some class and do the movements and standards correctly in the first place.

Finally DO get involved, even if you aren’t a “competitor,” the Open is a great chance to throwdown in your gym on a Friday night or Saturday morning, be heaving on the ground afterwards, then move on with your life over a big breakfast and a coffee. Good luck to all attacking this year’s CrossFit Open, may the WODs be in your favour!

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