Program Information

  • Program specifically developed to increase your aerobic AND anaerobic capacity
  • Builds your CrossFit “Engine” and endurance that crosses over to other sports
  • Designed as a stand alone OR EXTRA weakness program to add onto your usual program
  • 4 day a week program
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Direct contact with RAW coach
  • Weekly Program published in advance (4 sessions a week)
  • Feedback and coaching given through comments section with personal email replies
  • The program has a blend of volume and intensity with monostructural AND CrossFit style engine pieces
Equipment Frequently used
  • Rower
  • AD
  • A place to run

Optional but not essential equipment

  • Prowler/sled
  • Ski erg
  • Bike erg
  • Deadball
  • Prowler/sled

$10USD per week

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