3 rounds nice and easy

1min push up plank hold

30sec loose easy star jumps

1min static deadbug hold

30sec to perform 2-3 jefferson curls



Outside advanced- muscle ups (bar or ring)  x 6-8

Outside/Inside-  not as advanced- Pull ups (slow lower FAST pull up) use tree, play equipment or door itself or door jam

Inside – table rows BUT it is all about intent. Slow lower FAST up

*if you have rings  or TRX use those bad boys

Rest 1min

A2- Knee tuck jumps x 12

*12 continuous reps, minimal ground contact. If you have dodgey knees be careful. Intent jump as HIGH as possible and get your knees to your chest

Rest 1min

*3 sets

B1- Depth plyo push ups x 8

Grad some bricks, blocks, upside down kitty litters doesn’t matter about height just don’t make it too flimsy. Start with hands on boxes. Perform a depth push (chest lower than hands) explode up for height and catch your self and absorb force in a push up with hands between the blocks/platform, immediately explode up as high as possible to catch back on the blocks. This is 1 rep

  • This is about INTENT so scale by moving to your knees. I still want the speed!

Rest 1min

B2- Jumping split lunge x 12 ( this is 6 each leg)

Jump as high as possible each time and split legs in the air

Rest 1min

  • 3 sets


Advanced – clapping pull up x 8

Hands will leave the bar, clap in the air re catch on bar. Do this outside on a tree, the hills hoist etc etc

Not as advanced slow lower deliberate jumping doorway/frame pull ups

You can sub for table rows with an explosive focus.

Rest 1mnin

C2- Ankle hops 4 sets of 10 each leg

  • Perform ¼ squat with one leg and try to jump as high as possible using your calf muscles

D- stability

20 reps as slow as possible wall angels or lying floor angels

  • Ideal is to have your elbow by your side at 45degree and inContact with the wall or floor. You will then externally rotate your arms and push yours, wrists and forarms into the wall/floor. You will then raise your hands over your head moving from shoulder NOT elbow and maintain max pressure through the hands and forearm into the wall


50seconds on 10sec off for your ability in a front plank

Advanced 9mins

Not as advanced 6mins

Beginner 3mins

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