GPP (S and C)

Program Information

  • A program aimed at General physical preparedness through basic strength and conditioning work – look good, feel good and be strong, fit and healthy.
  • A great starter program BEFORE our RAW Competitor program
  • Strength, power and energy system focus
  • Strength work
  • Capacity work
  • Limited technical lifts and skills
  • Focused barbell and gymnastic strength
  • You’ll only be limited by how hard you want to work!
    • Access to Facebook group
    • Direct contact with RAW coach
    • Weekly Program published in advance (4 sessions a week)
    • Feedback and coaching given through comments section with personal email replies

    US$10 per week


    Equipment Frequently used

    • Either/or all: rower, bike, ski, bike erg, echo, somewhere to run
      *can get away with only one of these options
    • Barbell + weights
    • Squat rack
    • Bench
    • Box
    • Bands (for pull ups, band sprints)
    • Pull up station
    • KB’s in pairs- can scale reps and movements buy 16kg or 24kg
    • DB’s 15/22.5kg + 22.5/35kg preferred
    • Deadball/sand bag filled to ability level 80/100/120/150lb options

    Optional but not essential equipment

    • More cardio machine options
    • More DB weights
    • More sand bag options
    • More KB options
    • Sled
    • Bench with incline

    If athletes do not have access to the equipment listed for a particular WOD our Facebook group is available to ask for substitute movements OR you can contact a RAW coach directly via email.