One of the most exciting and daunting jobs in owning your own gym is writing the program. This is also one of the most important jobs. It can often be the decider between which clients come to your gym, what type of clients you attract, and how you retain clients. Unfortunately with the multitude of other pressures of running your own gym (such as email, trials, memberships, failed payments, cleaning etc), the quality of gym and affiliate programming can suffer.

Raw Strength and Conditioning has been established for 11 years, and has programmed for affiliates, gyms and personal training studios for 10 of those years. Owning two gyms ourselves, affiliate programming is something we are passionate about.

To give you a little more about out background, our head coach is a chiropractor and former member of the Australian Special Forces. He is the current Head of Performance at the North Sydney Bears (Sydney Roosters reserve grade) working with elite footballers, and has coached multiple athletes to the CrossFit Games. Currently his online programming clients range from those training in home gyms, those preparing for job training, those returning from injury, athletes and those in between.

So what does RAW affiliate programming  offer?

Our gym and affiliate programs are specific to that affiliate taking into consideration class size, equipment availability, member demographic, seasonal changes to name a few. They are written and delivered weekly via email.

What have we noticed from those gyms and affiliates that we program for?

Member retention

Decreased injury rate

Allows the owner more time to work on different areas of the business

Skill and strength programmed in a logical manner.

Faster and safer skill acquisition and progression

Variety of training options

What do the RAW Affiliate programs look like?

Each day starts with a thorough and specific warm up

Class sections are broken up and titled appropriated for what that section hopes to achieve

Availability to add specialty classes such as HIIT, Strength, Olympic weightlifting, functional body building

Video links are provided for warm up ans skill progression

Coaching focus points are listed for each part of each section (Warm up, skill, power, strength, conditioning)

Pairs and teams workouts sprinkled throughout the week and cycles.

What does this mean to me?

Many people don’t realise that RAW offers gym and affiliate programming via different avenues as well as group and individual programming for a variety of sports. We have specific /individual affiliate programs and a general affiliate program.

The second and cheaper option which is LESS specific is our general affiliate program. It contains all the features of the specific gym program in its make up. The difference is that the program is based off a general template, with no additional classes, however is still entirely specific to that gym/affiliate.

If gym and affiliate programming is something you have thought about but never followed through with please send us an email and we can come up with a pricing structure suitable for your budget and needs.