Olympic Lifting

Program Information

  • Program specifically developed to increase and fine tune your OLYMPIC lifting
  • Designed as a stand alone OR EXTRA weakness program to add onto your usual program
  • 4 training days a week
  • Warm ups, scaled options often percentage based
  • Accessory strength pieces added
  • Access to Facebook group
  • Direct contact with RAW coach
  • Weekly Program published in advance (3-4 sessions a week)
  • Feedback and coaching given through comments section with personal email replies
  • The goal of this program is to increase your proficiency in Olympic lifting whilst also increasing basic barbell strength

US$10 per week


Equipment Frequently used

  • Barbell
  • Squat rack

If performed with the RAW COMPETITOR or MASTERS program please email to ask how to integrate both streams of program to optimize results

If athletes do not have access to the equipment listed for a particular WOD our Facebook group is available to ask for substitute movements OR you can contact a RAW coach directly via email.