3-5min EASY run. This is just to get some lubrication in the knees and ankles. Not to get in work. Today I would actually like to keep pretty anaerobic.


Over a 10m track

2 sets of each

Walking foot grabs (quad Stretch)

Walk calf slides (one foot in front run the hands down the back of the calf)

Walking sumo squat and side lunge

Walking hip hug and balance

  • Walk back 10m to start between efforts


In all these drills please try to keep your toes flexed UP

  • Do not be lazy and let the toes drop towards the ground. Toes up, toes up, toes up!!!!

15m track/length

High knees to the front (keep arms swinging like running)

High knees with BUTT kicks/knees still come up at the front toes tried to be pull up and heels hit bum

Loose skips/relaxed arms

HIGH skips for height

LONG skips for distance


6  by 50m sprints/runs

-each one faster than the previous so start slow  and build- walk back recovery


6 rounds/efforts

45sec max distance run (goal is as close to a 250m run as possible)

  • This is about intensity plenty of rest like last week

Rest 4mins and record all distances


Each station is a max effort for 30seconds with 30sec rest

  1. Burpees- as explosive as possible in the push up and as high as possible in the jump
  2. Mountain climbers (elbow to knee)
  3. Split jumps- as HIGH as possible each jump switch
  4. Burps- no push up burpee but max jump
  5. Grasshoppers this LIKE a mountain climber except instead of the same knee hitting the same elbow the OPPOSITE FOOT will attempt to touch or come near the opposite wrist/hand (lots of core)
  6. Split jump repeats

Rest 1min for 4 circuits

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