2-3min easy run 4-600m


2 rounds

20 (10/10) push up position opposite shoulder taps

20 hollow rock

5 each leg rear lunge for quad/hip flexor stretch


Standing chest press

Get your isostrap/pull system and adjust it so you can place the strap around your back with the handle close to your chest like at the bottom of a bench press

You are to perform 3 efforts of 5 second max effort contractions (hold your breath for each effort) rest 30-40 seconds between each effort.

Increase the length of the strap so your elbow angle is at 90degrees. Perform another 3 efforts

Lastly length then strap so the strap is now all most at lock out. You got it. Another 3 efforts.

If you are still waiting for your straps you will do segment push ups and you can make these harder by raising your feet on a coffee table or chair or your little dashhounds stairs leading to the couch- ro down scale to your knees

I want you to hold a push for 10seconds just off the ground, extend to 90degrees and hold and then just off lock out and hold for 10seconds.

Repeat for 10-12 reps which is where quality will disappear


4 rounds for time

12 burpees

24 push ups

36 air squats

400m run (or there abouts/around the block) up and down the stairs etc.

*goal is for time. If you want to up scale and wear a home vest or back pack- go for it. If you down scale to knee push ups and not jump- all good. Just work hard for you!!!!!

  • This is the reason you walked yesterday. I wanted intensity


Choice of iso-strap or static holds

Iso-strap tricep extensions

To perform these kneel on the ground with strap under your kness and running up your back. Hands near your ears. Try to keep elbows pointing forward rather than out.

3 sets of 5 seconds efforts pushing your handles up towards the roof to extend your arms. Don’t think shoulder press, think tricep extension. Next we will use the same set up but perform a shoulder press


Table tricep extension holds

Perform 10 sets of 1 segmented press

Hold for 10seconds just off full flexion/elbow bend, press down into the table and stop at 90degrees, hold for another 10 seconds, press to all most full extension (not push up, tricep extension) hold for 10seconds just off lock out

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